A Year in Review

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Ketrick Communities established FishingCommunity.Org (FCO) to be an agile and responsive

way for fishermen,  citizens, and charities to educate youth and work with wounded. injured and ill military members and veterans; highly stressed individuals; and environmentalists across the country and around the world - wherever there is a need.

It helps with short-term healing, education, and support as well as provide long-term support.

FCO meets the special-case needs of military members, veterans and those who are transitioning out of the military with speed and flexibility not always available through the traditional programs.  As such, FCO held nine Sunday events from June - October of 2012, one end of the year Tournament at Lake of Woods, VA, and supported Cub Scout Day Camp at Ft Belvoir, VA.

The Sunday events were made available to six wounded, injured and ill (WII) military members and their families per event.  We ended up having a total of 24 Volunteers and 9 bass boats supporting these events.  Shore fishing was also going on to handle those not able to be a co-angler on a bass boat.

Six bass boats were made available and used  for the 10 WII spaces available during the end of the year Tournament.  The Lake of the Woods Bass Club, the Lake of the Woods Veterans Club, and the Lake of the Woods Homeowners Association all pitched in and made the event one to remember.  A wonderful lunch was supplied by the Lake of the Woods Clubhouse along with access to its picnic area.  The Veterans Club handled all the logistics - the execution of the event was flawless!  And of course the Bass Club made the fishing happen.  These experienced anglers made sure the WII had the time of their lives.  Not only catching fish but enjoying the serenity of this private lake.  Job well done.  Lest we not forgot, the local businesses that supplied goodie bags, prizes and plaques.  Thanks for your support!

Last but not least, Wytestone Suites of Fredericksburg provided lodging and a reception dinner the night before the tournament.  This allowed us to hit the water at first light.

Cub Scout Day Camp was a unique experience for the Cub Scouts, their parents and the WII.  FCO arranged for the WII to be the instructors at the fishing pier to support the Cub Scouts earn their fishing belt loop.  The program was such a success that the Cub Scouts and support Webelos were lining up to go to the fishing pier vice the other activities by the third morning.  The program also brought focus to the Cub Scout fishing program allowing for prudent resource decisions to be made for next year and beyond.