Mahatma Gandhi  
     “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
                ― Mahatma Gandhi

Each generation is the foundation for the next…

Our first education project was to arrange for our Wounded Heroes to give back to our Youth.  The Wounded Heroes Scout Project (WHSP) was initiated in June 2012 and has shown great promise in giving purpose to our Wounded Heroes and inspiration to our youth.   WHSP is structured as follows:
Cub Scout Day Camp:
  • Conducted for 4 days in July of every year
  • Participants from Wounded Warrior Transition Battalion mentored the scouts
  • Hugely popular event with the Cub Scouts
Boy Scout Merit Badge Program:
  • Due to the success of the Cub Scout Day Camp Program we are working with the Boy Scouts to establish a program that integrates our Wounded Heroes with assisting the Boy Scouts in achieving fishing merit badges
  • Planning to provide support for 2 Merit Badges:

New for 2015

We are supporting Sheffield's Outdoors Class. This is a new program, where each week a small class (of mostly underprivileged teenagers) is taught "outdoorsman-ship". Learn More...