Fishing Classes - 2014

Do you Like to Fish?  Do you want to learn to Fish?  Or do you just want to improve your skills?


Learn from Pros and local experts.

Topics include:

  • Fishing the Potomac
  • Fly Fishing
  • Casting Techniques
  • Lure Making

Dates: 05 Feb, 19 Feb, 05 Mar, 19 Mar, 02 Apr, 16 Apr, 07 May, 21 May, 04 Jun, 18 Jun, 02 Jul, 16 Jul, 06 Aug, 20 Aug, 03 Sep, 17 Sep, 01 Oct

Objective: To gain an awareness of fishing on the Potomac River, practice skills and gain confidence before attending fishing events.

Location: The classes are held at the Ft Belvoir USO Warrior and Family Center at 5940 9th Street (Corner of 9th and Belvoir) Fort Belvoir, VA 22060 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30

Driving directions to Ft Belvoir. Please note if you don’t have a Department of Defense identification a valid drivers license will get you in the Tulley Gate from 5 a.m. – 9 p.m. No identification is required to pull your boat up to the Ft Belvoir Marina.

Classes: The agenda is as follows:

05 Feb 2014

Topic: Potomac Bass Fishing; Instructor: Paul Ketrick

Objective: Familiarization with the Potomac River around Ft Belvoir.  Types of environments to fish, where they are located and when to fish them

19 Feb 2014

Topic: Spring Fishing Techniques; Instructor Tank Mosley

Objective: Understand types of environments to fish and what techniques work best during Spring.

05 Mar 2014

Topic: Rods and Reels for Bass Fishing; Instructor: Jim Sutton

Objective: Familiarization with bait casting and spinning rods and reels. Understand which rod and reel to use under what conditions.

19 Mar 2014

Topic: Techniques for pre-spawning and spawning Potomac River bass; Instructor: Tony Choe

Objective: Familiarization with the Potomac River.  Types of environments to fish, where they are located and how to fish them during spawning.

02 Apr 2014

Topic: Introduction to Fly Fishing; Instructor: Pete O’Dell

Objective: Learn the basics of fly fishing

16 Apr 2014

Topic: Casting Techniques for Bass Fishing; Instructor: Tank Mosley

Objective: Confidence in using a spinning rig.  Familiarization with a baitcasting rig.

07 May 2014

Topic: Pitching/Flipping; Instructor: Jim Sutton

Objective: Know the difference between pitching and flipping.  How to rig your rig for either and practice both techniques.

21 May 2014

Topic: Crankbaits and Casting; Instructor: Paul Ketrick

Objective: Understand when and how to use a crankbait.  Build confidence in casting using a spinning rig and/or baitcasting rig

04 Jun 2014

Topic: Tidal Water Strategies; Instructor: Jim Sutton

Objective: Understand tidal effects in the Potomac River and learn where to fish when using what equipment.

18 Jun 2014

Topic: Shakey Head; Instructor: Jim Sutton

Objective: Know when to use a Shakey Head.  Learn the basics of rigging and using a Shakey Head.

02 Jul 2014

Topic: Spinner Baits; Instructor: Paul Ketrick

Objective: When to use a Spinner Bait and how to make your own.

16 Jul 2014

Topic: Gunston Hall Pond Fishing (equipment will be available or bring your own) 

10709 Gunston Road, Lorton, VA

Objective: To practice the techniques you learned in class.

06 Aug 2014

Topic: Soft Bait Molds; Instructor: Paul Ketrick

Objective: Ability to create your own soft bait molds using plaster of paris and other techniques

20 Aug 2014

Topic: Soft Baits; Instructor: Paul Ketrick

Objective:  Understand why soft baits are so popular and learn how to pour your own

03 Sep 2014

Topic: Drop Shot; Instructor: Jim Sutton

Objective: Know when to dropshot and when not.  Learn the basics of dropshotting and how to rig your rig for dropshotting.

17 Sep 2014 

Topic: Fall Transition on the Potomac; Instructor: Jim Sutton

Objective: Understand the changing patterns as temperature and daylight changes. Learn what baits and techniques work best.

01 Oct 2014

Topic: Fly Fishing on the Potomac and DC area; Instructor: Pete O'Dell

Objective: Learn how to fly fish the Potomac River in the DC area