More About Us

We Believe
  • In creating a harmonious relationship between recreational fishing and the aquatic habitat within fishing happens.
  • We are reliant on the aquatic habitat, not only for recreational fishing, but for the life giving water all creatures of Earth need to survive.
  • As a community, we can use our technological advances and scientific knowledge to undo the scars left upon our landscape by the industrial age.
  • Responsible recreational fishing is a great learning experience, a way to connect to nature and provide an escape from the hectic lives so many of us live
  • Promote fishing as a form of physical and mental therapy;
  • Increase the skill of today’s fishermen through an awareness of the environment, habits of fish, and the proper use of fishing equipment;
  • Increase the availability of sport fish by understanding, respecting, and improving their environment; and
  • Create clinics to help our youth understand the joys and benefits of fishing while gaining a respect for the aquatic habitat;
A little about Ketrick Communities…

Ketrick Communities established FishingCommunity.Org (FCO) to be an agile and responsive way for fishermen, citizens, and charities to educate youth and work with wounded military members and veterans, highly stressed individuals, and environmentalists across the country and around the world – wherever there is a need. 

  • This will help with short-term healing, education, and support as well as provide long-term support.  FCO meets the special-case needs of military members, veterans and those who are transitioning out of the military with speed and flexibility not always available through the traditional programs.
  • FCO enhances and complements, it does not replace existing programs but fills the gaps by providing communication between organizations, charities and government programs and can help to provide immediate needs that youth programs, wounded military members and veterans, highly stressed individuals, and environmentals may have.
  • FCO works with the already established and substantial existing support programs offered through the he various Government Agencies.  FCO allows for several areas of support, including rehabilitation and education.