Fishing Classes - 2015

Do you Like to Fish?  Do you want to learn to Fish?  Or do you just want to improve your skills?


Learn from Pros, local experts, and Fish Biologist

Topics include:

  • Fish Biology and Behavior
  • Fish Habitat
  • Fishing Techniques and Strategies
  • Discovering Places to go Fishing and People to Fish With

Dates: 04 Mar, 18 Mar, 01 Apr, 15 Apr, 06 May, 20 May, 16 Sep, 07 Oct, 21 Oct

Time: 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m

Objective: To gain an awareness of fishing on the Potomac River, practice skills and gain confidence before attending fishing events.

Location: The classes are held at the Ft Belvoir USO Warrior and Family Center at 5940 9th Street (Corner of 9th and Belvoir) Fort Belvoir, VA 22060 map

Driving directions to Ft Belvoir. Please note if you don’t have a Department of Defense identification a valid drivers license will get you in the Tulley Gate from 5 a.m. – 9 p.m. No identification is required to pull your boat up to the Ft Belvoir Marina.

Classes: The agenda is as follows:

March 4

TOPIC: Introduction to Fly Fishing on the Potomac and DC - Pete O’Dell
  • Hands on learning how to fly fish the Potomac River in the DC area; Familiarization with the Potomac River around Ft Belvoir and beyond; types of environments to fish, where they are located and when to fish them

March 18 

TOPIC: Overview of Common Sportfish - John Moore

  • Knowing your enemy: overview of bass, trout, salmon, sunfish, catfish, etc;  what they eat,  when they eat, what effect does water temp or clarity have, why to some hang by structure while others live in grass; etc

April 1 

TOPIC: Reading Different Water Bodies - Tony Choe

  • Overview of streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and oceans; Understand tidal swings and effects on fish; where to fish when using what equipment; water bodies/currents/depths; where to actually find fish and where fish are more likely hit a lure/bait; instream habitat structure; what physically makes a spot more comfy for fish, what to look for on the radar, etc

April 15 

TOPIC: Veteran Fishing Organizations - Tony Choe, Jim Sutton

  • FCO, PHW, WW, HOW, PVA etc; Overview of organization activities; how to participate/get involved

May 6

TOPIC: Knot tying and Rig Setups - Jim Sutton

  • How to tie basics knots (fishing and boating); common rig setups; learn the basics of dropshotting and how to rig for dropshotting; chance to practice

May 20

TOPIC: Spincast and Baitcast Casting and Reeling Techniques

  • Build confidence in casting using a spinning rig and/or baitcasting rig; Casting techniques; pitching and flipping.  How to rig your rig for either and practice both techniques; tips and tricks; working with overhead brush, working river and streams, etc; different retrieve techniques; setting drag; landing and handling fish; practice 

September 16 

TOPIC: Fish Movement; Reproductive and Feeding Behavior - Jim Sutton

  • How fish move in the water and what fish are doing in there; overwintering, migration; What is going on when fish migrate, spawn, aggressiveness, make nests, etc ; Reading fish feeding; what do they like/dislike to eat, how to they find and eat, why fish can be moody and exhibit different behavior at different times/conditions

October 7 (Cancelled)

TOPIC: Topwater Lures and Techniques - Jim Sutton

  • Overview of topwater lures, mindset and techniques; buzz bait, poppers, etc.

October 21

TOPIC: Spinnerbaits and Spoons - Using and Making - Jim Sutton/Paul Ketrick

  • Familiarization with artificial lures and baits; tips/tricks to work a lure, what styles/colors to try, triggering a fish to strike, fish turnoffs,
  • Making Spinners and Spoons