Much like the life cycle of Salmon, our fishing community must have its Eggs and Alevin (Teaching Youth), Fry (Rehabilitation of Wounded), Smolts (Reducing Stress), Adults (Connecting Community), and Spawners (Giving Back).

To prevent the life cycle from coming to an end, FishingCommunity.Org’s programs are focused on all five stages of the lifecycle.

  • Teaching our youth is all about making informing the novices about the community.
  • Rehabilitation of our wounded is about getting our injured warriors back into the cycle of life.
  • Reducing Stress is about outlets to cope with our life-trials.
  • Connecting Community is about uniting us leading to making us stronger in pursuit of our causes.
  • Spawners or Giving Back is probably the most important aspect of the fishing life cycle.  Without Giving Back, there will be no fish left, there will be no reason to teach the youth, an important aspect to healing or rehabilitating our wounded heroes will be gone, an outlet for reducing stress not only in our wounded heroes but those living in our stressful fast paced culture will not exist, and finally our current fragmented fishing community will never get a chance to become empowered thus causing the life cycle to end.