Results- Mid Year 2012

Because this is the first year of our operation, we have limited results to show.  Our successes are limited by the available time we have to contribute.  However, we have been slowly growing both the number of wounded heroes who participate and the number of volunteers that support these events.  To date, we have the following statistics:


  • We have scheduled educational events at Watler Reed, but are still working on a formal program.
  • The education program is planned to be in full-swing by 2013.

Shore/Boat Fishing Events:

  • 2 events have been planned every month from Apr-Oct
  • 7 events have been run to date
  • 10 participants from Walter Reed

Fishing Tournaments:

  • 1 event planned this year – Lake of the Woods on 11 October 2012
  • 2 events per year, starting in 2013

Cub Scout Camp:

  • Initial event conducted at Ft. Belvoir in 2012
  • Conducted for 4 days in July of every year
  • 2 participants from Wounded Warrior Transition Battalion mentored the scouts
  • Hugely popular event with the Cub Scouts