Sheffield's Outdoor Class - Rod and Reels Needed!

  Rods and Reels needed to create future Anglers

This is a new program, where each week a small class (of mostly underprivileged teenagers) is taught "outdoorsman-ship". Sheffield offers a wide variety of subjects from camping, to hiking, and hunting and more. Our imaginations are our limit.  In Northwestern Pennsylvania, trout fishing is quite popular. There is the Allegheny River and the Kinzua Reservoir, as well as many lakes that have wonderful stocks of largemouth bass. Yet this species is relatively untapped in these parts. 

Sheffield is thrilled to have Mark (one of FishingCommunity.Org's volunteers for the last 4 years) spend a day with them and teach a class of nine teenagers the fundamentals of bass fishing. The hope is to take the kids on a field trip bass fishing the week after Mark's class. This is not necessarily formal, nor is it the norm. Sheffield has been given the approval to teach this type of class once a week through gym class.  

A few of Sheffield's outdoor enthusiasts are just thinking outside the box. They would like to video the class and submit it to their school board in hopes of introducing this as a potential annual class. They would like to see this type of class throughout the Pennsylvania school system. At the very least, in their region.  

This is a baby step towards a hopeful future. Introducing nine youngsters to the world of bass fishing is in itself, worth it. These kids would never see this opportunity otherwise. Who knows? Maybe one will be Bassmaster Champion one day!